Lulu bodybutter 100ml
dinsdag 26-05-2015

NEW! Lulu Life Sheabutter in a 250 ml jar for € 26,50

frank@fair sells many Lulu Life products.  For our English speaking customers some information about this great initiative.

We are women working in cooperative groups throughout south Sudan. We have suffered greatly as a result of war and famine, and now want to rebuild our lives and communities. Ourselves. Depending on our own strengths and resources.

For generations we have extracted, used and cherished the lulu from the Shea tree forests which we protect. In 2000 a small NGO began to help us combine our traditional knowledge with improved techniques to develop, package, market and distribute globally the highest quality nilotic shea butter products.

We call our products Lulu Life. And since 2007 we have been registered in Sudan and Kenya as Lulu Works Trust, LTD as a worker-owned enterprise – the only producer of Sudanese shea butter in the world.


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